The science of architecture, to which we apply a 360 Degree thought process. A well-formed, well-researched blend of science and art that delves into every facet of architectural design; right from customer needs, site, planning, design, execution… the works!

The result? Beautiful, spellbound creations that are functional as well as aesthetic. And, above all, absolutely original! Helping improve the lives of those living, working, learning or relaxing in these invigorating, lively spaces!

Welcome to a world of joy wonders and completeness. Welcome to the best in architecture. Welcome to ADCPL


About Us

In the late 80s, architecture was perceived as a necessity, having just functional value. Aesthetics, design and convenience were not the priorities. This conventional thinking architect couple, Ajay and Sonail Thosar. Thus, ADCPL came into existence with the objective to use architecture to truly better the quality of everyday life.

In the last 20 years, ADCPL has refined the application of from and space (the combination of which makes architecture). To create refreshingly different spaces, adding significant value to its primary objective .We believe that just like an individual has a unique personality, the architectural solution should be unique too. Each of our creation is an absolute original, which completely satisfies the macro and micro needs, whilst also being thematic.


360 Degree Services

That’s right! Our range of complete services revolves around satisfying every need touched upon in the world of architecture:

Architecture solutions for residential projects, commercial complexes, industries, institutions, bungalows, hotels, and resorts

Interior design solutions for homes, offices, retail, schools, restaurants, et al

Thematic landscape blueprints


The ADCPL Science

ADCPL’s work process is designed to deliver an enjoying and satisfying experience to the client, through the project cycle. Our science of work involves the design evolution stage, till the last feature is executed on site.

The starting point of a project is of course, a detailed analysis of the client’s identified and latent needs. A thorough research of the site environment is undertaken. Before finalization of the design, a 3D walkthrough of the solution helps the creation in detail, with nothing left to interpretation.

We are up to date with the latest and future trends in architecture design, construction materials, et al. This ensures that our client gets nothing but the best.

ADCPL has a huge talent pool of specialists, of which the best combination for the said project is selected. This is supported by a transparent tendering process, making the right mix of talent available at a fair price. An important cornerstone of our work systems is keeping the client’s interests uppermost. A fact vindicated by the organic and inorganic growth experienced by ADCPL-from zero to over a hundred selective clients.


Our Language

Our language involves blending planned forms into aesthetic spaces which shape into well-thought spaces that more than meet the clients’ needs, tastes and desires.



From the best you only expect the best! This adage is the guiding principle for our team of passionate architect comrades. ADCPL’s principal architects are Ajay Thosar (B. Arch.) and Sonali Thosar (D. Arch.), ably supporting them is a team of associates, civil engineers and junior architects.

All through our 20 year existence, we have fostered a spirit of team work in all our projects bringing along, multiple ideas, views and immaculate execution. Helping ADCPL practice its 360 Degree thought work philosophy.



ADCPL has a state-of-the-art design studio, complete with high-powered workstations, plotters, printers, library, and more. The swank office is an ideal workspace, designed to encourage and nurture creativity, and out-of-the box thinking. After all, we believe in creating original concepts in architecture, every time.



Who does not like a pat on the back? Well, ADCPL in its 20 year rich, learning experience has received quite a few! Not only are they our inspirations, but also mirror of our dedication, passion and commitment to sound architecture, design and customer delight.