The tantalizing curves of the winding ghats as you are swept up and down, to be swept off your feet all over again. The gentle nudge of the breeze with the familiar whiff as it brings with it the summer tales of a land you keep falling in love with. The swaying coconut trees, the dense greens lavish in their praise, the call of the blue ocean seducing you with its gentle lapping waves, at once making your heart thud wildly with the roar of its waters.

The magical golden beaches shimmering, shining; home-grown coconut and betel nut trees lazily spread across small picturesque villages. The simple, friendly and warm native folk of a land drenched in natural beauty; the aroma of Konkani cuisine filling the atmosphere and swamping your nostrils. A simple Six Letter word that can do this to you – KONKAN, the picture postcard place!